whats is mod whatsapp – gbwhatsapp & yowhatsapp

it is very clear that all we are using the mod version of android apps to enjoy some of the additional features of the apps that are developed by the external developers by renaming the app. the app was not much different in the original, but some smal changes and the app is called mod version of the app. Here today in this post we are going to show you the best ever whatsapp mod and the version is called gbwhatsapp


gbwhatsapp the mod whatsapp

gbwhatsapp is the mod version of the whatsapp so that so many cool features can be enjoyed that you cannot enjoy in the normal whatsapp platform. this mod version of whatsapp have some more features. as we know the mod version developer is completely different from the parent company.

Then who is the developer of the mod version? you mat have this question. the mod version app developer is completely independent from the original developer. they take the source code of the app and makes necessary changes in code and adding the custom codes in order to add additional features to the original version, they may not have any prior permission to make these much changes in the app, so that in whatsapp, the developer mod version now named the app gbwhatsapp.

This gbwhatsapp mod version have the more features than the normal whatsapp. more than that of the original version. in the original version, there are so many limitations, that is the features has been limited to some extend in the normal mod. the characters in the group name and some parameters like that have been limited, but in the mod version, there may be some more values in these para meters.

why gbwhatsapp and YoWhatsapp

simple, having the extended features. there are millions of searches are coming in the google search engine in order to download the mod version gbwhatsapp. this app allows so get more private in the whatsapp contact and chat. the hiding some of the stages like last seen features, bluetick etc are the added features, so that for making fraudulent this app may suit for. There are so many mod version like yowhatsapp of whatsapp available like this gbwhatsapp. This YoWhatsapp Mod version is much more good featured on the privacy. it is better to download yowhatsapp antiban version to use the whatsapp in safe and enjoying good features.

one of the another thing regarding the gbwhatsapp is you can only use if you are android smartphone users. if you are iOS user, the mod version is not available. the developers only make mod version for the android version since the iOS may be little bit of tough when compared to the android apps programming.

Share and Transfer Files between gbwhatsapp

You can use the gbwhatsapp to transfer and share files between the devices. In the normal whatsapp, there is the size limit to send the files to any other contact, but you can send and transfer almost high size files using gbwhatsapp. You may use the file transfer and sharing app like mi drop, xender, shareit etc while you are in the nearest. but, want to send over some distance, you can send via gbwhatsapp. The office files, music files, video files etc can be possible to share over gbwhatsapp.